Schools and Groups

We have 2 very special quiet times available for invited groups, 1300h - 1530h on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th Dec 2016.

Schools, older peoples groups and 3rd sector organisations are invited to participate and enjoy in the festive activities available at this event, including a roller disco, story time with Santa, craft activities, fun fair rides, entertainment and demonstrations and much more..

Schools and groups are also invited to come and perform in front of other groups and visitors.

Older groups are welcome to attend free of charge, and visit the markets and tea shop where they can enjoy refreshments accompanied by entertainment.   

Accessibility:  The organisers of this event have tried as far as reasonably practical to create an accessible event for all, with flat walkways, accessible activities, attractions and conveniences .  If you have any special requirements for your group please contact our team.

All visiting groups including Schools, older peoples groups and 3rd sector organisation wishing to attend during these dedicated times (1300h - 1530h on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th Dec 2016) must complete the form below prior to attendance as entry will not be permitted for any group without a completed form.

Further information and guidance can be downloaded below.  Or you can contact our Schools and Groups Team